Eagles and Falcons

The Eagles has always been one of my favourite bands, much due to the great guitar playing by Don Felder and Joe Walsh. Their superb rhythm playing and great melodic solos make the Eagles a band every guitarist should check out and learn from. This weekend we had a premiere gig with a new Eagles tribute band called Falcons, which features musicians from Åland and Sweden. Below is a picture of the guitars used on stage.


G7th Newport capo

I like using capos as a creative tool when doing songwriting and recording. Especially on acoustic guitars it’s a good way of getting a big guitar sound by blending two strumming guitars with different chord voicings using capo. Check out these Newport capos from G7th with adjustable tension. Great for use with different acoustic and electric guitars.


Winter jazz

Some winter time fun with different projects such as these.

Duo gigs with Richard Palmer

Jazz at Indigo with my friends and great musicians Edward Furbacken (sax), Emil Johansson (bass) and Simon Larsson (drums). Looking forward to more gigs with this new project.

Whatclub had the pleasure of playing in the very nice concert hall Nya Paviljongen at Åkes jazzfestival in Grankulla.